About College & College Farm

About College

Kadiri Babu Rao College of Agriculture has been set with a mission to meet the growing demand for Agro-based food production globally across India and the world using the latest technology in food production.With the increased demand for well-trained farm scientists to translate the latest technologies into reality in sustainable food, feed, fibre and fuel (biomass) production, we are prominent in budding smart agriculture professionals to meet the current and future food demands.With India opening its gate to WTO’s GATT and the Prime Minister’s Mission to enhance “Make in India” or the Reserve Bank Governor’s “Make for India” focus, there is an immense opportunity for local marketing within the country as well as export of value-added agricultural products to different countries of the world. For sustainable processing and value addition of farm produce, a number of new agro processing industries have to be developed in rural areas and this requires additional trained agricultural technologist and Agri-business experts.

Thus, Kadiri Babu Rao College of Agriculture aims at creating agricultural graduates with latest technology and inputs to create Green Revolution all over.

College Farm

The College does have a large and highly mechanized farm sprawling over an area of 200 acres.  Apart from annual agronomic crops grown in the farm like rice, mesta, pulses etc, there are orchards of mango, sapota, guava, coconut and cashew.  The water requirement of the farm is met by Ground water.


Kadiri Babu Rao College of Agriculture vision is to provide technical education and skill development using modern and latest equipment to meet International standards.

We strive to achieve,

  • In developing committed Agricultural leaders
  • Sharing our expertise knowledge
  • Hands –on trainings
  • Extensive training in modern technical skills


As a world class institution our mission is to be innovative and at par with the internationally competitive market at the supply side with regard to technical human resources for knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination and knowledge application in the field.

Kadiri Babu Rao College of Agriculture will create, integrate, and share knowledge to enhance :

  • Agricultural sciences, food, and agricultural systems
  • The economic prosperity and life quality of the community at large and farming community in particular
  • The health of land, water and air and their sustenance for future generations
  • Student learning through diverse, hands-on experience