Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry

Dr. D. Salma Banu
Phd. Assistant Professor of Soil science and Agricultural chemistry, NET Qualified.
Selected for Inspire fellowship-2017 Phd Gold Medalist
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Working Experience


  • Soil Physical Properties and Groundnut (Arachis hypogae ) Yield under Long Term Application of Manure and Fertilizers under Rainfed Condition– published in International Journal of Plant & Soil Science.
  • Long-Term effect of Manure and Fertilizers on Yield and yield attributes of Groundnut (Arachis hypogae ) under rainfed Mono Cropping System– published in International Journal of Plant & Soil Science.
  • Long trem effect of manure and fertilizers on soil chemical properties and yield of ground nut(Arachis hypogae) under rainfed mono cropping system – published in Progressive research-an international journal (society for scientific development in agriculture and technology
  • GPS and GIS based Soil Fertility Maps and Identification of Soil Related Constraints for Chickpea Growing Soils of Owk Mandal, Kurnool District (A.P), India.